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It's no secret—we love our GOLF! But for us, real game-competition comes from keeping some kind of score. Want to learn more about what we offer? Visit some of the sites below, check out the menu above. of just have a look around. 
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Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision—and ran in to a place to meet and play some skin games

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  • All Games are played at pro
  • We are aware of some of the ways to cheat at this game. Some of the big Tournament site are using software to look for these players. We are asking that you do not cheat.
  •   No Chipping on the Greens (only exceptions are obstacles’ such as Bunkers, fairway ECT...) 
  • Once Brackets are posted you have 5 minute to get with your Opponent or you will forfeit your round. 
  •  As each round is finished and you know who your opponent is. You have two minutes to get with your opponent or you will forfeit the round.  
  •  If you concede the hole more than once you will forfeit the round. 
  •  If you get booted the boot clock of 10 minutes starts. If you do not return in these 10 minutes you forfeit. 
  •  You may restart only 2 times. After that you must forfeit the round. 
  • The player in the top bracket should set the match (if he can) 
  • All games played between League members can be reported as ladder games,this should be decided before game starts. 
  •  Exceptions: Scheduled Tournaments on Myleague are not considered ladder games 
  •  All Tournaments must be posted 24 hrs in advance . If a TD forgets to set there Tournament it is ok for another TD to set that Tournament less than 24 hrs in advance 

 If you violate the rules you will receive a verbal warning 1st then a written warning. Then you will have to leave the Tournament Site. These rules will be updated as we grow as a club.